Why I started a blog…..

Posted on August 8, 2011


This is exactly what my wife said I should not do. She said nobody cares why someone starts a blog. She may be right, she may be wrong. All I know is she has less than 20 people that follow her blog. She, therefore, can’t be the authority on sucessful blogs…..

The reason IS because twitter only allows about 140 characters, facebook only allows about 140 words…..

I have come to the opinion that nothing of consequence can be said with so few words. I need more space is what it comes down to. This is not to say that more words make the subject to have more “consequence” (believe me, have you seen all the delusional blogs out there) but at least I will be able to more fully expound on different subjects….readers can decide for themselves if there is anything of consequence.

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