Teaching Sunday School

Posted on August 9, 2011


I have been teaching Sunday School for about nine years. I currently have a class of four boys. Jacob, Trey, Bryson, and Homerito. That is a far cry from nine years ago when I started. I had my three cousins, Buddy, Jonathan and Jacob. Two Sanchez boys, Nicholas and Christian. And a Cornelio, Oliver.

It’s like it is not even the same class. I have had up to 12 or 13 boys at a time. I held Jacob and Trey for their first several weeks… I held Carlos, I held Angel, I held Isaiah, I held Homerito. The entire class, so they would just stay, I put them down, they would bolt for the door.

I ask questions in Sunday School. Nicolas and Oliver always had the answers….my cousins too, they just had to be asked. When older kids leave there is always an awkward transition period where I have to beg the younger kids to step up and answer questions. It’s good for the younger ones.

I have unique boys now. Very different. Bryson is a go getter, its hard to find a story that Homerito doesn’t know from Veggie Tales. Jacob and Trey are quiet, anything but trouble makers. Homerito is the only one that likes to sing. I think my other boys dont see a reason to sing as long as Homerito will. It doesnt even matter if he knows the song…he tries…im happy somebody tries.

My youngest boy is now seven. They leave when they turn twelve….in five years I won’t even have a class….at the rate it is going. I remember all of my Sunday School Teachers. Becky Edgell, Jane Dunning, Ronald Cooper, Jim McEntire, Jeremy McEntire, Diana Cooper. Well, anyhow that’s who I remember, i may be forgetting someone (my mom MAY have taught me at some point…sorry Mom, not sure) I remember the general age range they taught me. I remember hearing Bible stories for the first time.

I don’t see hardly any of my boys anymore. They are gone. Not just gone from my class…but gone….totally. Maybe I made a difference. It can be easy to not take seriously the class….they are just little boys, I can put something together on the way up the stairs mentality. I don’t do that….I try not to do that….how can that make a difference in a little boys life. I pray for all my boys…almost daily, basically that they would just CARE when they get older. I’m not expecting to be teaching the next Apostle Paul…I just want them to care….that’s all….it makes me care. Because if I don’t care…how can they possible care????

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