The buildup to 26.2 miles…week 2

Posted on August 15, 2011


My goal this week was to run 8

miles….I did.

I have a schedule made out for just over a year…so technically I am about 4% done as far as time goes.

I have to run a total of 1,013 miles in the next year….i have ran 16.5. On a positive note. I now have less than 1,000 miles to run.

So that means, if my math is correct, that I have run 1.5% of my needed miles.

So, I actually ran 8.93 miles. I spent just over 102 minutes running.

That is an average of 11:29 per mile. Which is 37seconds per mile faster than last week. I’m not running for speed, but it sure doesn’t as far as mindset goes to see I am just a little faster.

I burnt 1,272 calories, which is alomost 200 more than the week before….

This week my goal is 8.75 miles.

I read as well this week. Marathon Training for Dummies. I was fairly dissapointed. The lady that wrote it had never even ran a marathon before. Its hard to believe that her theories work….when she cant even be sure herself that her theories work. I was a little dissapointes to say the least. I expect a lot more for $1.76 off of Amazon.

Im gonna write a book. It will be titled nuclear physics for dummies ….it should be a best seller.

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