You May Not Like the Answer…..

Posted on August 15, 2011


That’s right, you need to be careful what you ask. You need to be careful how you ask. Because otherwise, you may just not like the answer….

Allow me to explain….

To set the scene let me describe my house a little bit for those who haven’t seen it. Our driveway runs along the side of our house and goes to the back of the house. Thats where we park. We park in the back of the house and use the back door. Most people who come over, for whatever reason, use the front door. Mom and Dad use the back door. Homer and Grisel Tijerina use the back door. Everyone else pretty much uses the front door. My computer is located in essentially what is the back porch. Sitting at my computer I have a window facing the street to my right. I have a window facing my neighbor’s house a little to my left. (There is just enough room between our house for two cars side by side) And the back door is too my left.

Let me tell you about our neighbors now. They moved in maybe a couple of months ago. They are a young couple. I think two kids. They are generally quiet. Generally being the operative word here. I think that one of their dad lives with them…or stays with them…or something. I just know I have seen him for the last couple of weeks. Talked to him once. He’s older…he’s looking for an easy job. Anything…..just easy.

So I am sitting at my desk last night (Saturday night) at about 9pm or so. I am minding my own business.

I see shadows moving in both windows. I hear someone talking…. Saying stuff. Not understandable words…just by tone its like this ‘person’ is trying to get someones attention. (see title again, in order to follow my point)

I have been at computer for a while so I know that no one has pulled up to the house. The thought that it could be a neighbor crosses my mind, but the neighbors that are home just walk up and knock on the front door….like normal people. This is not a ‘normal’ person. I check the driveway through the windows as best as I can in the dark. I had seen the people who live next door leave several hours earlier in their Dodge Caliber SUV.

I see their other vehicles. 1990’s Chevy Truck….check. Late nineties Chevrolet car….check. 2002ish Ford Expedition….check. Mid 80’s Chevrolet Truck….check.

But no brand new Dodge Caliber.

This ‘person’ seems like he is trying to get my attention…a little louder now.

Well, this person has my attention…..see title….

I wonder why the door isn’t being knocked on. I have a motion light over the back door….it never comes on…..

Yeah, you now have my full, undivided attention.

So, I decide to see what this ‘person’ wants.

I have a friend that I keep for just such a time. I got this friend about five years or so ago. Never actually needed this friend, but we have had some mutually edifying conversations before. And this is the kind of friend you hope you never need, but it is always good to know that you have.

This friend stays in my bedroom. “His” name is Mossberg Maverick. He’s not a big talker. Only about six words and then it is out of stuff to say.

But the words really pack a punch….if you catch my drift here.

So me and my friend decided to go outside…..see title.

I turn off the motion detector light. If this person is going to stand in the dark…we will all stand in the dark. The type of conversation I am thinking about doesn’t really need light.

It is at this point I am wondering what the response time of the Freeport Police Department is for a shots fired call. I am actually nervous….really nervous.

But whatever it is…I’d rather ‘talk’ outside…alone….than in my house…..And I have brought the friend who speaks the language that knows no ethnic barriers.

It’s the old man from next door…..

Hector I think his name is…..

He needs to borrow my phone…..

SERIOUSLY….standing at my window hollering in some unknown tongue is the only way you know how to ask to borrow my phone.

When he sees my and my friend….he makes it sound as though what he needs is completely negotiable and not really that big of deal.

I probably scared the poor old man…well he scared me…..

So here is the moral to the story….if you have a question. Call me. If you need something come over…..AND KNOCK ON THE DOOR!!!!! If you stand outside my window, AFTER DARK, and try to get my attention….

You will likely get it….and you may just not like the answer

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