San Antonio…..The Vacation of Vacations

Posted on August 29, 2011


We took a vacation to endall vacations. Actually a better way to put it was we drove to San Antonio to go shopping.

The occasion was my cousin Rachel Cochran wedding. And we took the excuse to spend the weekend in San Antonio, because we NEVER get to do anything fun. We had initially planned on going to Austin, but that ended up sounding very educational, so we took the easy way out and decided to go an hour and a half further south.

We left on Thursday morning and drove twenty minutes and stopped to use the restroom, and then drove twenty more minutes and then stopped to used the restroom. We repeated this process approxamaitely 1,345 times. We got there at….i actually don’t remember what time, I just know it was before the wedding started, and I know I beat my mom. The wedding was nice.

I took lots of pictures…..

Ok, so I took four pictures, a full three quarters of which was blurry. Go to my mom’s blog or I am sure you can find some pictures of facebooks somewhere. (I doubt i will be asked to be wedding photographer anytime soon.) And then like all good McEntires we went and ate. My mom and sisters and sister in law all acted like they didnt have any money and so I had to pay for everyone. Who knew that Chilis could require a second mortage. I am sure that they will dispute this rendetion. But who wouldn’t if they were in that position.

We then drove to San Antonio. And like always straight to the motel without any problems. Because I am very good at finding things, hearkening back to my many many years of Pizza delivery.

We Got up on Friday morning and went and ate at Cracker Barrel. To sum up the vacation thus far, Chili’s, and Cracker Barrel. We then did the requsite San Antonio thing and went to the Alamo.

On a serious note, I highly reccomend going here. It is a very somber place. Feels very much like a memorial more than anything else.

We then went across the street to Ripley’s Belive it or Not. I do not reccomend with small children, Alisa was not amused AT ALL. She cried a good portion of the time. I guess I didn’t realize that this place was essentially a human freak show. (Note to women that can grow a beard….they make a nifty little invention called A RAZOR). So anyhow, believe it or not, it was not a pleasant experiance. We walked on the RiverWalk….i was a little dissapointed. I didnt know that it was just a bunch of restruants. I was expecting so much more. Not only that, here is a simple math equasion. Heat+water=humidity. Not fun. To me. Why didn’t we go to austin….???

Then our vacation got down to business. We went shopping. At some mall…I forget the name. I saved a lot of money to spend and bought four dress shirts for like $12 a piece….I obviously can’t shop to save my life. I am a failure.

OOOOOOhhhhh, did i mention that we ate. We are lunch, before the mallwhosenameicantremember, at Jalisco, jalicsico, jalesico, jalepeno….or something. Very authentic….We ordered a diet coke to drink. They brought us a can…with a cup of ice, Im just saying….not a good sign if you are really thirsty. I guess i would like a glass of water to…. No refills on chips, at least they didnt bring us any. There was some SERIOUS language issues going on. Basically I dont speak good enough spanish to try, and our waitress didn’t speak much if any English. But don’t worry, I have perfected the art of pointing to pictures on a menu, regardless of language, and rubbing belly and grunting in hunger. Don’t laugh, I won’t starve, while you proud people may.

Then we went shopping, then we went to motel and ate snacks…I dont think we even technically ate supper that night, if we did it must have been unspectacular.

Day Two: Saturday, we had stopped at HEB the day before breakfast for girls, so that what we did for breakfast.  Then we drove to San Marcos, tooooo, yes you guessed it, to go shopping. This was actually the day I bought my dress shirts. I wanted maybe a new pair of dress boots…..

I wanted a new watch maybe….a pair of excessively expensive sunglasses maybe, a new suit maybe… i said, four dress shirts and a pair of cheap sunglasses for work…..sigh

It was the Prime Outlets and Tanger Outlets….very nice. Ok, heres something I don’t understand about outlets. Lets take for instance a pair of jeans from Calvin Klein. At dillards, you get them, for sake of arguement, for 40 dollars. Maybe cheaper on sale. Out the Calvin Klein outlet they are 50% off….wowwee. but the kicker is, that is 50% off of msrp…..nobody (i.e. dillards) sells stuff for mrsp to begin with. my point is this…i dont think, on the whole, that outlets are that much cheaper. Another example. I bought Van Huesen dress shirts for like 85% off (msrp mind you) for 12 dollars apiece….homer paid 12 dollars a piece at the JCPennys in Lake Jackson this weekend too…..the only difference is I spent a couple hundred on hotel, couple hundred on gas, couple hundred on food (thanks in part to my mom and sisters and sister in law) for my 85% off shirts….

Anyhow, we decided to go all out for lunch…we went to chilis….the same chilis from after the wedding. I got fried stuff….and then i remembered why i normally get a salad there….ugghhh. We then went back to the outlets walked 63 miles around them, went into a bunch of girly stores and bought nothing, at least I didn’t maybe Heather did.

We drove back to San Antonio. Took nap at Motel and woke up….you guessed it, HUNGRY. We decided on Pizza. Sitting in car looking through GPS for pizza place, you know Pizza Inn, pizza hut, cicis, chunky cheese. something. my wife, had a great idea…lets try a place from the show Diners, Drivethrus, and Dives…..Ahem…

Not a lot of positive to say. overpriced Totino’s pizza anyone??? perhaps slight exaguration. perhaps not, i don’t reccomend you find out….

The End….pretty much, we came home on sunday, stopped at a couple places….added water to car, added oil to car….you know stuff like that …..big buccees in luling, just in case anyone ever passes through there.

i’m back on my diet now….thankfully….whew I feel like i should just go ahead and put the rest of the pictures I took…..

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