Week Four, Twenty-Six Point Two Whole, Entire Miles

Posted on August 29, 2011


Good news and bad news…..

Good news, I ran Thursday Morning before I went on Vacation, and I ran Friday Evening while on vacation.

Bad news??? I was over a mile short on my mileage goal for the week…..

I needed 9.25 miles and I only got 8.20 miles in. It was the Friday night run. It was a good run….until my ankle started hurting. I was running on a treadmill at the Hotel, so I am basically hoping that it was just the different technique that a treadmill requires kind of threw my ankle off. I had 3.25 miles in of what was supposed to be a 4.75 mile run, and I was in pain, it was messing up my perfect running form, so I decided to quit, there was no sense in actually hurting my self. That was my theory anyhow.

On another positive note, I had an absolutely blazing fast week as far as speed goes. My average min/per mile was down almost 40 seconds from my previous best. Probably due to several things. One, on Tuesday, non working GPS, so I ran faster to compensate. Friday the treadmill insists on a consistent pace. (P.S. I would take a treadmill with a built-in TV)

So this week was supposed to be a light week….no run on Tuesday anyhow. But because I had an unintentional light week last week, I don’t feel like I should do two in a row. So I am going to the track tomorrow. Going to work on speed, maybe run some bleachers.

…..Maybe stay at home and eat ice cream and eat potato chips. I guess it depends on how I feel after work.

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