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The Bathroom Project

September 5, 2011


It was supposed to be completely done by like sometime in June. It didn’t happen. The Refinery shut down forĀ a week. Threw my finances into a mess. Back on track, been back on track actually. But we had to celebrate our sixth wedding anniversary though. Now my back is up against the wall… sister-in-law and […]

Answering the Textual Critics…Part Two

September 2, 2011


12) Were the KJV translators “liars” for saying that “the very meanest [poorest] translation” is still “the word of God”? Straining at gnats and swallowing camels here. In general, I do not believe that every last thing they translators ever said or wrote is without error. Just as I do not believe that every last […]

Answering the Modern Textual Critics…Part One

September 1, 2011


1) Which KJV is inspired: the Cambridge or the Oxford? What are the differences? An interesting question from those who claim there are no critical differences between the KJV and other modern versions. There are no differences that change the meanings. II Chronicles 33:19 sins vs. sin Jeremiah 34:16 whom he vs. whom ye Nahum […]

Does God have “Gray Areas??”

September 1, 2011


Here is a conversation I had with some (who will remain unnamed) people. I have edited to just the pertinent post and to remove the un-related comments. The original post by “person one” – rock music came from early southern influences like negro spirituals. So did southern Gospel music. You can say drums are evil, […]