Does God have “Gray Areas??”

Posted on September 1, 2011


Here is a conversation I had with some (who will remain unnamed) people.

I have edited to just the pertinent post and to remove the un-related comments.

The original post by “person one”
– rock music came from early southern influences like negro spirituals. So did southern Gospel music. You can say drums are evil, guitars are evil, distortion is evil, canned or recorded music is evil, etc. “Make a joyful noise” “praise him with tablets and cymbals” if you say rock music is evil, you are basically saying electronics and technology and innovation are evil. Impossible! Secular arts influence religious arts and vice versa. There is a matrix of powerhouse, not a vector line dividing the arts between good and evil. You may say that church music is separate from the world. On the contrary, where do you think the piano music for many of the hymns we sing today come from? Saloons. If the beat in rock music causes sexual drive like I’ve heard some say. Then no Christian could tap their foot or fingers without sinning.

Person two…. that expresses what many of us perceive and feel.  Thank you.

Caleb…..”there is a matrix of possibilities, not a vector line dividing the arts between good and evil”??? Isaiah 5:20 woe into them that call evil good, and good evil, that put darkness for light, and light for darkness, that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter! Your statement is at odds with this verse.

Person one….Not really. When did I call evil good or vice versa? I said rock music is great. You’re assuming that rock style music is evil. That’s like saying painting in watercolor is evil. Or painting in black is evil.

Person two…..there is no disagreement between his statement and the verse. They are talking about two different things! That verse doesn’t say that there are good and evil in the arts like that, it’s just talking about things that are good and evil in general.

Caleb….actually I said nothing about whether I thought rock music as evil.

Caleb….person one said there was no dividing line between good and evil, this verse says there is.

Person two… applied it to the arts Caleb

Caleb….I happen to think this verse applies to everything

Person one….I said in the arts the arts are not as black and white as say fornication.

Caleb…..says who????

person two……person one did not say that about things in general. He said that about music arts.

Caleb….does God have gray areas???

Person two… everything in his post Caleb

Caleb….seriously, does God have gray areas about anything???

Person three…..I think it’s a weaker brother issue. And for those who lived a life of sin before salvation, where rock music was a large part of their rebellion against God see this. (Person three continues on to quote 1cor 8:10-12)

Caleb…..but does God have gray areas???

person one….is face book right or wrong, tell me Caleb

Caleb….does God have gray areas, you can’t ignore my question and then expect me to answer yours.

Person two….very good point person three.

Person two…..Caleb why does everything have to be back and white???

Caleb…..person two, does God have gray areas?? Do YOU think that God has gray areas?? Forget about me, I am asking about your opinion of God.

Person one….as an artist I have learned to appreciate that the world is gray. If God was completely “black and white” he would have created a black and white world.

Caleb….so does God have gray areas then, person one, you still have not answered my question plainly.

Person two….and I don’t think God is gray, that would make him boring, God is a rainbow.

Caleb….y’all are dancing around a simple question.

Person one….I think a better way to say it would be that God appreciates the grey tones in beauty and arts. He does have black and white standards, but those are obviously stated, like fornication.

Caleb….so then you say “yes” God does have gray areas? I just want to make sure that I am understanding you.

Person two….the world is complex Caleb. People are complex. People are multi dimensional. People are also created in the image of God, who is complex and multi dimensional. He doesn’t fit into any one box, or only one set of beliefs.

Caleb…where does the Bible say that “God appreciates the gray tones in beauty and arts” or is that just your opinion about God with no actual basis in Scripture.

Caleb….that’s not the point person two….the point is, pick a subject, any subject, and does God have a definite opinion on it?

Person one….your statement is intentionally narrow-minded to support your stance. Consider this, if God had intended us to hate life, he would not have given us ears to enjoy music and eyes to enjoy a sunset.

Person one….and where did you get your opinion, from a book???

person two….if all you know about God is from the Bible, than you don’t know him, you only know things about him.
(Blog person note: person two completely abandoned the issue at this point, he tried to change it to an unrelated topic of knowing God personally, most of his future statements I have not included or my responses, because they do not serve my purpose here. I do have them in the event anyone is dying of curiosity).

CALEB….who said anything about “hating life?” I haven’t even actually given my own opinion on God and gray areas. I’m just asking what you believe, and then to back it up with Scripture….which you have not done.

Person one….Caleb read my post

Caleb…..I have found that when you ask someone for a verse to support what they have declared about God and they get all philosophical….without giving a verse….. “I think a better way to say it would be God appreciates the gray tones in beauty and arts” and “if God had intended us to hate life he wouldn’t have given ears…..and eyes….” it’s because they don’t have a verse.

Person one….why is anything new considered of Satan? There was a time when the flute was a new instrument.

Person one…..Satan does not create new things. People do.

Caleb…..because, you see, if we admit that God is black and white about everything, by the very nature of the admission, we must conclude that we ought to be black and white about everything. It is far easier to impose gray areas on God, than to take the time and effort to determine what his perfect will is on any given subject. I don’t really mind if people come to a different conclusion than myself. I do mind when people say that “it doesn’t matter to God”

Caleb…so if you say God can “appreciate” gray areas, give me a verse or two to support your theology on the nature of God.

Caleb….person one, what in the world are you talking about? “Why is anything new considered of Satan, there was a time when the flute was a new instrument, Satan does not create new things, people do” what does this have to do with the conversation.

Caleb….you are attempting to sidetrack the issue instead of answering my objections to the claim that God had gray areas

Person one… is your answer, from Scripture that God likes beauty gray areas. (Person one  the copies the following verses Genesis 1:4,10,12,18,21,25,31)

Person one…AND GOD SAW THAT IT WAS GOOD (person ones own emphasis)

Caleb….person one, call me dense….but what does “God saw that it was good” have to do with gray areas.

Caleb…. that was a poor exposition of Genesis chapt one.

(It was at this point I excused myself, it was almost eleven. They continued their “arguments”)

person two…(who decided to come back to topic after I went to bed…unknown) how was that exposition poor? Caleb, defend your answer.  I got what he was trying to say.

Person two….person one, you may have to go easier on Caleb. I don’t think that was black and white enough.

Person two…..did you notice how there are more races than just black and white? And even within the groups called black and white, no one stereotype describes everyone in each group.

Person one…yes that is true

Person two….just look at the diversity in the world, it is obvious that God likes different

Person one….also we use some music/art in church we don’t use at home. Like Disney movies for example, you wouldn’t watch a Disney movie at church. There is no ice cream at church.

(They continued in this manner for a while. I responded this morning)

caleb….reasons why that was a poor exposition? 1. It was before the fall of man…there were no gray areas. 2. It was before the fall of man….there was no sin in the world 3. It was before the fall of man…there was no KNOWLEDGE of right and wrong. 4. Gray areas were introduced in chapter 3 “yea hath God said???” 5. Satan was the one who introduced gray areas by raising doubt about what God said in an attempt to deceive the women 1Tim 2:14 ….any thoughts person one or two….????

Caleb….”more races in the world than black and white”?? The train of thought here is what exactly? God created more than one shade of human race…so therefore he has gray areas when it comes to right and wrong….that is a stretch, even for you

Caleb….”Look at diversity, its obvious god like different” it’s not a matter of whether or not god “likes” different, it is a matter of where does God have a right/wrong, good/evil, yes/no opinion about ANY given subject matter

Caleb ….when we get to heaven….and i did say WE, lets take the issue music. do y’all believe that you will be able to ask a perfect, holy, righteous, sinless, God something along these lines ‘did you have an opinion about the type of music i listened to, did it matter?’ what do you THiNK his answer to be? and why?

Caleb….‎1 Corinthians 14:40 Let all things be done decently and in order. ‎1 Chronicles 15:13 For because ye [did it] not at the first, the LORD our God made a breach upon us, for that we sought him not after the due order.  what does “all things” mean….what does it include, what does it exclude? does god have a specific “order” for ALL things….?? give your explanation for what he is saying here

Person two…And Caleb, by my mentioning of the diversity in people groups, cultures, everything, I was trying to get across that God likes diversity. My point with that was why does everything have to be black and white? I supposed person one and I have not entirely understood your meaning by “grey areas”. It appears we may all be looking at this from different perspectives. Tony and I see the world for its beauty, and in abstract ways. You tend come from a more literal approach, and appear to reduce Christianity to standards and theology.

Person two…And I don’t have to wait until I get to heaven to ask God about music, he’s already told he’s fine with what I listen to 😉 God and I experience things together. It’s a close relationship. He givz me chezburgrz, and I sharez myne kookiez 😉

Person one….I want scriptural evidence that a beat is bad.

Person one….Caleb’s logic: Man sinned and God saw that all was very bad.

Person one…..Another question for you, Caleb: Does God have emotions? If so, do they govern his actions. If so, does he do anything because he likes it. If so, why can’t we? You can sit in church 24/7 singing hymns and hearing preaching till your brains bleed out if you want to. I’m going to church and then I’m taking a road trip to Six Flags and listening to Relient K!!!

Person two…Watch Caleb assert that God doesn’t have emotions…

Person two….I have *plenty* of scripture to show he does!

Person one….Romans 14:22: Hast thou faith? have it to thyself before God. Happy is he that condemneth not himself in that thing which he alloweth.

That is the essence of the conversation. I wearied of not getting answers to my questions, and their sidetracking from the issue at hand. Why won’t people say that God has an opinion on everything? I don’t even necessarily say we have to agree….one of us WILL be wrong, but to say God’s doesn’t care, is not a position that can be backed up by scripture. At least I have yet to see it.

So I ask again. Does God have gray areas?

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