The Bathroom Project

Posted on September 5, 2011


It was supposed to be completely done by like sometime in June. It didn’t happen. The Refinery shut down for a week. Threw my finances into a mess. Back on track, been back on track actually. But we had to celebrate our sixth wedding anniversary though.

Now my back is up against the wall… sister-in-law and two nieces are going to be here on September 28th. That is like 25 days……better like three weekends.

This problem is multi fold. First, we have several major turnarounds starting….tomorrow. That means working the weekends. At least Friday, if not Saturday. For how long??? The next three weekends. See my dilemma? Second my shower surround is essentially black plastic….actually “essentially” is not a good word choice. Black plastic is EXACTLY what it is. I want Rebekah to come back at some point. My bathroom is not conducive to this position.

Okay, so this weekend I spent Friday essentially doing nothing….not completly true but it seems like it. I took the requisite trip to Home Depot. Mainly for tools. I think Dad is afraid I am trying to steal all of his. So I just went ahead and bought my own. (See previous post about not spending money on vacation, if you are wondering where I got the money from. So i worked primarily on electrical on Saturday. The old bathroom configuration had one light above the sink. And then a combo heater/ventilation fan/light in center of bathroom, and one outlet. New configuration is 1) vanity light over sink. 2) lights in closet 3) light over bathtub) 4)new ventilation fan/heater 5) light over water heater enclosure 6) added multiple additional plugs. The point….lots and lots and lots of wiring.

Today I worked on Plumbing….after my daily run to Home Depot…because the local hardware store was closed.

The plan is to get bathtub bought and installed this weekend. And get it tiled at some point over the next two weekends…..

I am sacrificing here.

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