I Chronicles 16:34 – O give thanks unto the LORD; for he is good; for his mercy endureth for ever.

Posted on October 20, 2011


It has been over a month since I posted….

I know so, because Rebekah Lewis told me….twice.

It has not been an intentional neglect per se. It has just turned into one of those months. Busy, busy, busy is probably the main thing. Stressful is a close second. I have actually started several posts. I started on the Biblical position on drinking alcohol. I started one on an exegesis of the Biblical doctrine of Local Church. I started them and didn’t finish them, because I am pretty sure the majority of the people who read my blog, i.e. family and fellow church members, already agree with me. Those that don’t agree with me….a blog post by me is not likely to change their minds anyhow. So i saved everyone skipping posts because they were not interested.

So for this post I am essentially going to give a rundown of my previous month. I would prefer when people come read my blog they leave laughing or at least edified on some level. You probably will not leave laughing after this post. But, thus has been my last month. There has been good and bad, really more good than bad. But we all know the system. The bad tends to overshadow the good. It is one of those months we all have….that we just want to end…..we just want it to be over with.

My neglect of my blog started with house remodeling. My sister-in-law Rebekah, from henceforth, just to be referred to as my sister….. (if she doesn’t like it, she can start being mean….and then I won’t like her anymore) was planning a week-long visit towards the end of last month. And my bathroom was in a sad state. So for several weeks I worked an insane amount attempting to put a decent shower in. Working nearly every evening when I got home from work. And all day on the weekends when I wasn’t having to work. I worked late, and worked late some more, and a lot of hours. Thus my first reason for neglecting my blog.

And then my sister  was here for a week. I enjoyed it. They are fun to have around, I missed them when they went home. He daughters actually act like they like me. I’m not to concerned though, a lot of people have acted like they liked me in the past….a lot of people have quit liking me. My nieces don’t really know me….maybe they will always stay young enough to bribe with ice cream and reading them books before bed. I can hope right. Rebekah was sick half the time….she didn’t even get cranky, at least not to me, I was impressed. We talked about stuff. I don’t know if we agreed on everything….but she didn’t leave to go home early, so apparently she decided to humor my delusions. I am sorry Rebekah if I was a ‘detached host’ the last morning you were here. Which leads to my next reason that I haven’t posted, my month took a ‘downward turn’ the morning my sister left.

I was involved in an auto/pedestrian accident on the way to work. I was in the vehicle, I wasn’t driving….but still….. I don’t know how we didn’t kill the man based upon the speed that we were driving. I thought we did….for a second. It wasn’t a good morning. I have never been so unnerved in my entire life. I hate driving in the dark now. You really can’t see very well. Just for the record. Put down your cell phone, turn down your radio, quit fixing your hair….and just drive. None of those were the cause of this wreck (it was dark, no streetlights, and he was in the middle of the road….those were the reasons for this one)…but I think we underestimate the serious nature of driving a 4000lbs projectile at highway speeds….. Hit somebody….I bet you pay better attention then.  Driving is not something that should become second nature. My running regimen also took a hit….my desire for running in the dark is now just about nil. It was a week before I could close my eyes without being freaked out all over again, replaying hitting the man in my mind. PAY ATTENTION WHEN YOU ARE BEHIND THE WHEEL. So, essentially another week shot when it came to blog posts….

The next week was a revival at church with Bro. Tim Reynolds from Heritage Baptist Church preaching for us. It was a good week, just a tiring week, going to church every night. Ergo, once again, no blog post. That was last week….

Friday night of the revival we took Hannah to the Emergency room because of a 105F fever. They kept her till Sunday afternoon. It made for a stressful weekend….no two ways about it.

Also on Friday….sigh. Back story a little bit. We are in the middle of building a new flare at work. It is not a huge job….but it is one of the bigger jobs that Zachry has done in several years at the refinery. For those that don’t know, I work in layout/surveying for Zachry. Essentially that means it is up to us to make sure everything is in the correct place. We are, in some ways, an extension of the quality control dept, as far as we have to sign off on concrete pours like others in the quality dept. I have been in this line of work for just over two years. And my actual job….is the ‘dummy end’ of thing essentially. Not a very technical term, but its the truth…a very well paid dummy end, in my opinion (im just saying, don’t feel bad for me, because I don’t)  That being said. I can DO the smart end of 80-85% of the work. By and large surveying is addition and subtraction. Well, this flare job is part of the 20% That is more than addition and subtraction. Its more sin and cos and angles and radius and multiplying and critical critical critical CRITICAL stuff. Homer is good at it….I can do a very little of that stuff…with somebody watching to make sure I don’t do something stupid with a number. Very long story short? Homer had to be off for a couple of days unexpectedly. And we were not sure for how long. And that made work REALLY stressful. Because when Homer leaves, everyone turns around and looks at me. He left work on Friday and didn’t come back till Tuesday. I didn’t scarcely eat a meal all weekend  I was so sick with worry and stress on so many levels….therefore, yet another weekend with no blog posts.

Even with all the unpleasant realities of the month….it doesn’t change what the verse says. As unpleasant as a couple of weeks I have had….it doesn’t take a real active imagination to see how God kept it from being much worse.

So, if your week and month was normal and mundane….be happy, be very happy

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