If it walks like a duck…..????

Posted on October 30, 2011


We have all heard the saying, right?

If it waddles like a duck,

If it quacks like a duck,

If it looks like a duck….its a duck.

What exactly do we mean when we say this? I would contend what most people mean is that things are what they look like.

So here is my area of disconnect….

We walk with the world,

We talk like the world,

We dress like the world,

We act like the world,

We go where the world goes (movies),

We behave like the world,

We look like the world…..And yet we are a Christian.

What??? Huh??? How can this be? I will tell you how….It simply cannot be.

You cannot be just like the world in most if not all areas of personal separation, and ever convince me you are a Christian. Simply stating that you are a christian, and a follower of Christ DOES NOT MAKE IT SO. What makes it so….IS ACTING LIKE IT!!!!

“they are who we thought they were” – Dennis Green, coach of Minnesota Vikings and Arizona Cardinals

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