I Thank God For…..

Posted on November 24, 2011


I Thank God For My Salvation

Without this, there would be not purpose or sense for any of the other things. I was saved when I was six. I am thankful I was saved before I was old enough to do anything very stupid. I am thankful, that, as a result of being saved, I have not done anything very stupid, being saved hasn’t stopped a lot of people I know. It gives me purpose in life. It gives me eternal security. If I stop and think about it, it is very awesome that the God of all things would send his Son to die on the cross for ME. But he did, and for that I am very thankful

I Thank God For my Bible

My King James Version Bible. I am glad that I know when I pick up my Bible that I have the absolutely pure, inspired, perfectly preserved Word of God. Therefore I have no excuse to not know God. Because, the Bible is the only way to actually know him.

I Thank God for my Family

For my wife: She is my best friend. She puts up with me. She loves me. She is honest with me, painfully so at times. She keeps a home for me. She is happy to do so. I enjoy spending time with her more than anything in the world. She is so easy to please.

For my little girls: There was a time when I seriously doubted we would ever have kids. And now we do. They are my two favorite girls in the whole world. They are always (almost) smiling and happy and bubbling and full of energy and won’t be quiet and always want to be with their mama. They like me. I hope they always like me.

For my parents: Mom is always honest with me. She tells me what she thinks. Don’t ever have to wonder about that. She will always talk. If she can’t when you call her, she will call you back asap. No woman, from start to finish, has had more influence in my life second only to my wife. If she doesn’t like something she sees in me….it is probably her own fault. I got my sarcasm from her. Dad is the man I respect more than any other here on earth. He is not a quitter, if I have learned anything from him it is that you don’t quit. Most of what I know about the bible, I learned sitting in a pew listening to him preach, or behind his desk listening to him lecture. He has spent a lot of time and energy equipping me. I hope I am not a disappointment, I hope I never am a disappointment. We haven’t necessarily always seen eye to eye, but I have never doubted he had by best interests in mind and at heart wherever the disagreement may be at. I feel privileged to have learned from such a man of God.

My siblings: I don’t really know Sara, my fault as much as anyone’s I am sure. I never hear anything negative about her though. She is a mother with a lot of little kids, and she loves it. I think that’s all she ever really wanted. I can always appreciate a woman who raises children. Olivia, I miss her, I haven’t seen her in about two years. Everyone makes choices in life. Daniel, my wife says he brings out the silly in me. She’s probably right. I hope he finds a job doing what he desires. Kimberly, when she tells you, ‘i’m not trying to argue,’ that is EXACTLY what she is doing. She challenges me, asks questions. I like to be challenged. She likes to be wrong ;-P Lydia, is the helper of my wife. I am thankful that she loves my girls, Alisa is always talking about ‘nina’.

Extended family: Klarisa, she acts like she likes me. I count that as a victory. Our first meeting was……rocky, to say the least. She makes my brother happy. She is always smiling, she has been a friend for Kimberly. Rebekah Lewis, not gonna lie, not exactly the sister-in-law I thought I would be closest too, both in distance and relationship. I enjoy spending time with her and her girls, I am glad that her and Heather get along. Rebekah likes to give me a hard time….I think that is a good sign. She texts me pictures of cakes that she made just because she knows I want a piece. That got her wrote out of my will. Other extended family. Amber finally gave me her number. I was texting Matt every week….until I started doing really bad in fantasy football, he probably ran out of ways to say, ‘we’ll get them next week’. Angela…..one word, S.L.A.V.E.D.R.I.V.E.R. she keeps me motivated to keep running. I think she may personally fly down here and hurt me if I tried to quit.

I Thank God For My Friends

Specifically here, Homer and Grisel. I haven’t really known them, comparatively speaking all that long, but in the couple of years my wife and I have developed a very close relationship with Homer and his wife. I am pretty convinced they are a gift straight from God. I am sitting here at my computer trying to think of words to describe our friendship. And I can’t. They are as close to family as they could be without one of us changing our last names.

I Thank God For  My Church

Dad said an old preacher once told him that the church membership would turn over about every decade I think. We have been going to Faith Baptist for twenty years. And we are essentially on our third church people wise it seems. There was a group of people when we got there, there was a group of people for the middle years, and within the last five years or so there has been a pretty serious transition people wise. Some of the people have been there from start to finish, some have overlapped with other ‘groups’ of members, but essentially the old preacher was right. I am thankful for my grandparents. They are charter members, they have hung in there when it was tough. They are an example of what it means to have a level of commitment and dedication to your church. Uncle Jeremy and his family. Consistent, steadfast, and committed. That is what comes to mind when I think of his dedication to the church. Bro. Cabrera, he has been more instrumental in my life than he probably knows. He says stuff in conversations that stick with me. I value his counsel and respect him standing by God’s church and the man of God. Our church is filled with good people, not perfect people, but people who love God and want to do right. There is not one other church I would even want to be a member of. I like being involved in church. I have taught Sunday school for about nine years. Led the singing for over ten years I think. Preached on Wednesday nights for several years. I wouldn’t trade the active role that I believe I have for anything.

I Thank God For my Job

I have been exempted from so many layoffs I figure the odds have to be getting worse for the ones in the future. It is a good paying easy job where I am have acquired a  job skill. It is the first job I have ever worked at where there is not a boss or fellow employee that I could not stand. I am glad I like my boss and my coworkers. My job pays stupid good money for the work. My job the safety guy always says, ‘there is nothing through the gates that won’t hurt or kill you.’ Thanks for that little encouragement. I am thankful I have not been hurt at work, or on the way to work.

That is the top of my list. I haven’t intentionally left people or things out. It wasn’t meant to be an exhaustive list. But rather a list of the areas and people who reflect God’s goodness to me in a great way.

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