Was that another lifetime?????

Posted on December 22, 2011


Going to Pleasant Valley Baptist Church messes with my mind. Not in a bad way per se. It just seems weird or something. I am pretty sure I remember actually attending there. We left when I was five. So maybe I don’t, maybe I just remember visiting after we left….or….I don’t really know. Even though I know it took place, it still seems very far removed from the reality that is today. I’m not going to lie….it is a little bit depressing, looking back can TEND to be so, if I am not so very careful. I remember the guys that I ‘grew up with’….to one very loose degree or another. The Lewis boys, Woodrum, Travis, Taylor. That’s who I remember. One of those families decided they weren’t Baptist anymore. One of the guys, pretty sure he was older than me, I think he died of a  brain aneurysm a couple of years ago in his shower. One of they guys has spent almost the last two decades in prison. Several of them just are not going to church any longer.  But I knew them all once upon a time.

Looking back at our church has the same effect. Coopers, Mayon, Gordon, Edgell, Ambrose, Pena, Smith, Snider. I mean, I know they all attended our church….it just seems far disconnected from where I am now. Friends I had growing up….Cornelio, Waldron. Once again, not in church….not totally sure where some of them are. Turns out, I really have no childhood friends. Maybe that is not that uncommon…..but it just doesn’t seem right. “Oh well”, right? That’s where we are at. The friends I did have? Yes they seem like a lifetime ago. Absence DOES NOT make the heart grow fonder.

Looking back at my family, has the same effect. I have five siblings. I think we were only all together for like five years. I mean….I know I grew up with most of them, but it seems like just a really, REALLY long time ago. I haven’t seen Olivia or Sara in about two years. But, I was raised in the same house as them. I remember sitting around after church services and just talking with the family. I remember sharing a room with Daniel for, how long was it? 15 years or something. THAT seems like a lifetime ago. I spent 13 years going to school in my house. I was saved in my parents bedroom. All that seem like a complete lifetime ago. A different lifetime.

I have a very simple work history. Counting my first fast-food job. I am currently on my fourth job. Not bad, I don’t want to be someone who can’t hold down a job. I will likely be with Zachry until they lay me off. That is my plan. I spent four years of my life working for the school district. I hated the job, i disliked my boss, when i drive by the maintenance complex its hard to believe i showed up there every day for four years. I am pretty sure I did though.

I’ve only been married for just over six years. But it seems like a distant memory when I actually got married. I think I was just a kid. six years later, a mortgage, car payment, and two, almost three kids later…..I don’t feel like a kid. I feel old sometimes. Not physically really….just like, life seems like it is slipping by. I remember one a couple of months after we got married we went to six flags with some of my wife’s sisters. Rebekah had just got married, I don’t think Angela was attached….but who really know about that. None of us had kids. Now I have two, almost three, Rebekah and Jeremy have two, and Angela is married to Josh, and they have two kids. I don’t really see any trips to six flags in the near future. I wouldn’t trade where I am now. I am just making the observation that life changes.

It is easy to always want a different time of your life to come and happen and get started, while not appreciating where you are at RIGHT NOW. So, today, appreciate where you are at. Because it will change. Quickly. If you are young a single, go to six flags and appreciate the freedom you have to do so. If you are young, married and have children, hold your kids, you won’t be able to for very long. If you are older married and have old children appreciate the fact they are still around. If you are real old, married or widowed, thank God for a long life. Don’t spend your whole life wishing for a different time of life….it will come soon enough.

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