Finishing 2012

Posted on December 29, 2011


My list of goals for the new year. I set them high purposefully. At least they seem high to me. if you feel the need to laugh….at least comment that you are laughing

1. Play Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata, on the piano….at least the first movement. Hopefully all three. The third movement is really pretty, and probably my favorite.

2. Play Beethoven’s 5th Symphony, on the piano….I figure if I can play his moonlight sonata, adding this wont be so very difficult.

3. Play Pachelbel in Canon D, on the guitar….

4. Play Cancion Del Mariachi, on the guitar

…a couple of things, number one; i have not watched whatever movie that is, i ran across the music on YouTube. two; I don’t understand enough spanish to know what he is saying….so, if you can speak spanish, let me know if i should take it down.

5. Compile a harmony of the gospels.

I have started the part of the gospels from the last supper to his crucifixion, what my plan is to have one linear story compiled from all four accounts with no editorial, just verses, not an actually reason for doing so…..

6. Work on my house….

there is so many things that i can see i havent made an actual list…..80year old house…..whew

7. Memorize verses.

Romans chapters 5-8 and the book of Ephesians. Using the following two resources., and this memorizing aid.

8. Read MORE of the bible.

Proverbs 12 times

Acts 12 times

Psalms 4 times

Entire New Testament 4 times

Entire Old Testament 1 time

9. Start having some level of family devotions

Not like and official Sunday Morning church service. I’m not sure how much either of them will get out of it at this point. But I would rather start a little bit to early than too late. This point will probably a difficult one to achieve.

10. Read two books a month

One book being about some form of theology. Apologetic, a systematic theology….something I disagree with

One book being ‘fiction’ and by that i mean classics, Hemingway, Fitzgerald, Stein….not dumb stuff like harry potter

11. Three blog posts a week.

Giving me over 150 quality posts for the year. To bring this about it will likely entail blogging about my Sunday School Lessons and Wednesday night messages. That will be two of them, leaving only one per week of something else, which will be a challenge in and of itself

12. Run a 5k in less than 28 minutes

13. Be able to run a marathon by September

I want to run a marathon in Alaska with my sister-in-law Angela in September. Thats what I am working for. It costs a lot of money to take a family of five to Alaska. So, I can’t make any promises.

14. At least one SERIOUS workout per week.

15. Hand copy the entire book of Proverbs into a Journal

Essentially a complete readjustment of the use of my time……

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