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Monday Letter….

January 30, 2012


Editors note…..I cannot lie, i stole this idea directly from my sister Rebekah’s blog, which a link to can be found on my links page. She called it Tuesday letter, I am doing the exact same thing, just on a different day. So I tried to be original at least a little bit, and come up with […]

Leadership – The Perils of Leadership

January 27, 2012


A LOOK AT PASTORAL THEOLOGY Leadership (Part Four of Six) THE PERILS OF LEADERSHIP As with most areas of responsibility there are dangers, associated with being in a place of leadership. There are pitfalls that must be avoided and areas to be aware of. Because fallen men are leaders, and they lead fallen men, the […]

I just don’t care!

January 24, 2012


I don’t really care about sports. I have pretty much decided that. What is the proof of this? I don’t watch any games, even when I can.  I watched exactly 1.66 football games this year for one. I watch most of the Dallas Cowboys game on Thanksgiving. And I watched the Saints get beat by […]

Monday Musings….

January 23, 2012


Dear Homer, next time you spit your gum out and it lands six inches from my feet, I will assume you were spitting at me. Dear Gas pump at gas station in Galveston, you shut off on me 13,486 times in my futile attempt to get gas, I am no to proud to drive across […]

Leadership – The Institution of Leadership

January 20, 2012


A LOOK AT PASTORAL THEOLOGY Leadership (Part Three of Six) THE INSTITUTION OF LEADERSHIP In every situation in the Bible where we find people having to deal with people, God sets up a hierarchy so that some may be leaders, and others may follow the leaders. The first example we find is in Genesis when […]

Monday Musings….

January 16, 2012


Dear BP security guard, why did you not check my lunch box when it was raining, but you gave me a ticket for running a stop sign on my bike? What is really the bigger security threat here? Dear pipe department, what is your problem at the PX-1 flare job. Not only have you made […]

I Go Back…

January 13, 2012


You know the deja vu feeling one gets when you hear or see or smell something, and it instantly makes you think of something in your past. Surely we all have things such as this, right? Or perhaps I am crazy. I suppose many things can transport us, it seems, to an earlier time. But, […]