January 2012

Posted on January 1, 2012


My reading assignments for the first month.

Mr. Hemingway for my first ‘classic’ of the year.

Laws (Dover Philosophical Classics Series)

Mr. Plato….because I saw it in the bookstore, and while it doesn’t really fit into either of my REQUIRED categories, its is a short paperback. So I am going to attempt to add it to my list as well.

And…..my theological book. Just over 400 pages of pure delight I am sure.

I picked these three books up, as well as an additional Hemingway book for less than 20 dollars at the half-price books in Pearland. I thought that was a pretty sweet deal.

I tuned my Guitar yesterday. And I will push my wife to assemble some sort of plan for piano.

Time to unplug all electronic devices.

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