A Short Story

Posted on January 6, 2012


A short story…..

I went on a run. To sum it all up, I was trying for 100 miles, I made it only 6.52 miles. So it was a horrible failure in many respects. I desperately need to pick another route if I am going to run around dinner time. At approx 0.42 miles into run, I pass On The River Restaurant. I smell large amounts of fried food, I have visions of fried pickles for the next 1.11 miles. At 0.80 miles I run pass a Mexican Restaurant called Maria’s Kitchen. Now I crave fajitas, or at least like some chips and salsa. Then at mile 2.10 I run past mcdonalds. I lovelovelovelove french fries. At mile 2.12 I run past Church’s Chicken. WHO DOESNT like fried chicken. At mile 2.25 I run past Homer-Grisel Tijerina house. I consider asking for a ride home. But i don’t. Man oh man, were my calves hurting, I at least consider asking for a drink of water. At mile 3.24 my heart rate goes from elevated to flat borderline heart attack area. A dog, a big, VERY BIG dog sneaks up behind me. And I don’t even know it till he makes contact with my legs. I just thought I was tired. I immediately double my speed all the while turning around and running backwards. And screaming like a man possessed….or like a little girl, I’m really not sure….in retrospect. I have my knife out, ready to dispatch said cur. And then I notice the owners of dog standing in yard. I have my knee in dog’s chest with knife at his mangy throat breathing at slaughters to him. Ok, so I made that last part up. But I did have knife out. I may end up in the hospital, but I was going to send mangy cur to the doggy morgue. It was only at that point that the owners decided to take action…..by throwing softballs. At the dog….or at me…..I’m not totally sure. I do know they seem to get closer to me than the mangy cur. Note to self: avoid 1900 block of N Ave G. The wind changed direction on the way back I guess. At mile 4.00 I run past Tijerinas house again. I consider even more seriously asking for ride home. I am hobbling like a hobbit….however that is. Like I said, the wind changed direction. So at mile 4.20 no Church’s Chicken, at mile 4.22 no McDonald’s. But at mile 4.45 I catch the wafts of an apartment complex….WHERE OBVIOUSLY EVERYONE NEEDS LESSONS IN HYGIENE…..can anyone say GROSS. At mile 4.5 I cross HWY 288. Cross traffic had a red light, so I was watching, watching, watching to time it, to see if I could make it across. And the second I hit the afterburners to commit to crossing the highway. The light turns green. “YOU’VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME” There is technically only once truck at the immediate intersection….so he let me go….but the rest of the traffic approaching were obviously driving 78 in a 35. So, I just thought I had hit the afterburners. C’mon man…..I am pretty much out of adrenaline at this point. Clean out. At mile 5.30 I run past bar….unspeakable, Devilish smells emanating from its dark interior. And then the bridge over the Old Brazos River again. I am sure that it is higher and steeper and longer and steeper and higher and harder and steeper and longer than at the beginning of my run. Did I mention it smells like dead fish……I need some Oreo cookies……

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