Monday Musings….

Posted on January 16, 2012


Dear BP security guard, why did you not check my lunch box when it was raining, but you gave me a ticket for running a stop sign on my bike? What is really the bigger security threat here? Dear pipe department, what is your problem at the PX-1 flare job. Not only have you made Zachry lose money on the job by how long you are taking, I am getting really tired of holding your hand on a daily basis, or so it seems anyhow. Dear car, your small water leak is getting really, REALLY annoying, will you please just catastrophically start leaking so I can figure out where it is coming from and fix it. Dear car, please catastrophically fail in the driveway. Dear Plato, you book entitled Laws is boring beyond all belief. What ever made you think that writing it like a play was a good idea. So, that is why I quit reading you. Dear Practicing the piano, instead of having 88 keys…..8 keys seems like a much more round number. Dear clock last Wednesday night while I was preaching, what happened? I barely got out of my introduction and forty minutes had elapsed. I literally checked all available clocks three times apiece to ensure that I was not going crazy, I wasn’t, I was just preaching slow. Dear Specialized Maintenance Service foreman, before you start talking mess about other companies, maybe you should at least start the job to figure out what all is involved. Dear Heather, I need more eggs. Dear yard, It is the dead of winter, why must you require me to mow you again already.

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