Monday Musings….

Posted on January 23, 2012


Dear Homer, next time you spit your gum out and it lands six inches from my feet, I will assume you were spitting at me. Dear Gas pump at gas station in Galveston, you shut off on me 13,486 times in my futile attempt to get gas, I am no to proud to drive across the street to the Valero. Dear fountain drink machine at hospital cafeteria, YOUR THING THAT MAKES BUBBLES IS MESSED UP, grossgrossgross. Dear Alisa, the plan all along was to read the a chapter in the bible about four evenings a week, therefore thanks for making me feel like a complete heathen by asking, “are we going to read the bible tonight.” Dear Travis Hill, buy some stupid equipment so the civil department has work….what a tightwad. Dear heather, I have driven with Homer Tijerina, many domino’s delivery drivers, many McEntire males, you scare me worst than anyone…..period. Dear Freeport Code Enforcement Officer, the fence is not on my neighbors property, get your eyes checked. Dear Rebekah Grisel (it sounds weird to say that to me) are you seriously going to make our lives miserable for the next two weeks, I just want to know. Dear new years resolutions….ya’ll are mean. Dear New York Giants, thank you for beating the San Francisco 49ers, I am so glad I do not have to listen to Homer gloat for two more weeks. Dear new york giants, thank you for doing so well in the playoff’s you are making the cowboys look better and better every week….to me anyhow. Dear yard, I know you still need mowed, I haven’t got a letter from the city yet, so it can’t be THAT bad. Dear Heather, YOU TOLD ME YOU BOUGHT EXTRA CHEESE FOR ME!!!!

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