I just don’t care!

Posted on January 24, 2012


I don’t really care about sports. I have pretty much decided that. What is the proof of this? I don’t watch any games, even when I can.  I watched exactly 1.66 football games this year for one. I watch most of the Dallas Cowboys game on Thanksgiving. And I watched the Saints get beat by the 49rs in the NFL divisional round of the current playoffs. I actually watched every snap of that game. It has literally been years since I watched a complete game. And it’s because I choose not too. I mean I could watch almost all of the Houston Texans games if I wanted to, they play the early Sunday game almost all of the time. I could watch a good number of Cowboys games, they televise just about all of them here, plus they have a lot of prime time games. I pull for the Texans, just not enough to actually watch them….I watched maybe a combined quarter of their entire regular season, I listened to probably that much again on the radio, I didn’t watch one second of either of their playoff games. Why? Because I really just don’t care. Sundays is typically my only day to get a decent nap. I’d rather sleep than watch football.

I don’t care about baseball. The Houston astros have been mired in mediocrity for so many years now I officially changed my favorite team to the Texas Rangers….. they compete for championships. Even that being the case…..I didn’t even watch any of their games till the world series, and not even complete games till they were win or go home games. I am emotionally scarred as a result of that. Extra innings of game six…. it was almost as bad as Albert pujols hitting walkoff home run off of Brad Listen in the ’05 playoffs. Did I mention I hate the cardinals. Lance Bergman is a traitor. Anyways, I digress……Oh wait, I like the Philadelphia Phillies a little bit, after all, when the Phillies fired their GM the astros hired him and He promptly traded all of our superstars…..yes, to the Phillies.  How obvious is that? I’m just not going to watch nor follow baseball all that much. the seasons are way too long. I may change my team to the Yankees, just so I will always be happy. I mean if getting bounced early in the playoffs makes me happy, but whatever.

I just never have been a big basketball fan either. The Houston Rockets, yes, once again mired in mediocrity…..I am a Miami Heat fan.  because I had limited, if any loyalty to the Rockets when the heat assembled their all star cast of James, Wade and Bosch…..it only seemed like it made sense. that only serves to prove my point I could really care less…..I mean. who changes alligence based upon a tourist destinations ability to woo 25 year old super stars to cone win championships.

all that being said. I know a lot about sports. why? not because I am a dedicated sports fan, but because I listen to a whole heap (that’s a whole bunch for any northerners)  of sports talk radio. specifically 97.5fm. honestly sports radio bores me, much like 24hr cable news stations like CNN or fox or MSNBC. it bores me like watching International house hunters on millionaire day. it bores me like watching Mariska Hargitay birthday Marathon on Law and Order: SVU.  It bores me like….. well you get the point. why? just like everything else I listed because of it’s repetitiveness. I mean seriously there is not that much to talk about that 1) I care about, 2) that matters 3) that ought to be talked about. I listen to literally hours and hours a day at work. it become painful after one hour TOPS.

As a result of this, I can have completely pointless arguments, and be very passionate about it. for example;

is the defensive take for the New England Patriots, Vince Wilfork, better or worse than any of the three defensive line men for the New York Giants, Pierre-Paul, Tuck, or Umenyiora. no one, is doubting the skill of any of these four players, but if we are going to talk sports around the clock we must debate which specific one is BEST. No one, in their right mind, would argue that as a whole the Giants defense is far and away the better unit as a whole. more specifically that the Giants defensive line is not, as a whole, better than the Patriots. the question is, which of these four is the better player. the question will go something like this. “if you were starting your own team and you could have ANY defensive lineman you wanted, who would you pick first?” Myself and homer debate this kind of stuff all the time, i mean we just take opposing viewpoints i think just to irritate each other. here is my take. Wilfork is the best of the four mentioned. my reasoning is this. i would contend, for sake of arguement, or comparison, that Wilfork is a A+ player. while the three Giants linemen are equally A to A-. that being said, season stats may not bear this out for this reason. Umenyoirua is a turnover producing machine, but that doesn’t automatically make him a better player. look at it like this. from an offensive blocking scheme viewpoint, it is easier to block one legendary superstar and two other mediocre at best players. than it is to block three all stars. when Wilfork is the only one you have to worry about you can cheat help over, double and even Tripple  teaming him with either a back or tight end. knowing that the other pass blockers cab handle their assignments one on one. when you have three beasts coming, it leaves at least one if not two of them in man on man, a battle the Giants linemen will win more often than not. so even though individually the Giants linemen may have better individual stats this is only because the other two are taking pressure off of each other.

makes sense to me….

next time; why Eli Manning is NOT a top five quarterback.

All typed from my phone, excuse spelling and grammar please until I can clean it up tonight.

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