Monday Letter….

Posted on January 30, 2012


Editors note…..I cannot lie, i stole this idea directly from my sister Rebekah’s blog, which a link to can be found on my links page. She called it Tuesday letter, I am doing the exact same thing, just on a different day. So I tried to be original at least a little bit, and come up with a better name. Honestly though, “Monday Musings” was just l-a-m-e. So I have shed all vestiges of not completely plagiarizing and calling it a ‘letter’ as well. Who knows, maybe I’ll move it to Tuesdays at some point as well. 

Dear transmission on Daniel’s car, if you don’t work this time the only positive I can think of is that I can probably have you pulled back out in less the two hours, there are just some things I never cared to be an expert at, 1996 Honda’s were on that list. Dear living room trim, I would have known that you were going to take five dumb and stupid and ignorant coats of paint, I would have bought the expensive paint, the point has been proven about cheap paint not covering very well. Dear sheetrock in bathroom, whose great idea was it to put sheetrock on the ceiling anyhow? Dear Daniel, how could you not tell you overlapped those two pieces before I put like ten screws in? You, my friend, are sadistic. Dear H&R Block, to charge an average person over $200 for taxes supersedes any exorbitant tax that the IRS could have ever dreamed of. Dear Chilies, before you let go of all of your old waitress….tell your new waitress’ that when we order a chicken strip basket to ‘split’ while pointing out our daughters, WE DON”T WANT THE $10 ADULT MEAL. We want the KIDS MEAL, What? Was common sense not required to apply? Dear Waterburger coupons….how I have missed you. Dear Alisa and Hannah, quit making me look bad, I am quite capable of that on my own. Dear Rebekah and Jeremy, do you wanna come over and play rook? Dear Angela, I am pretty sure you wanted me to think you were running in an actual 10k, it worked, I was soooo nervous for you all weekend. Dear Projector, I do not appreciate you making me look like a fool in front of the entire church for 45 minutes. Dear projector, i am even more glad you didn’t work for my dad three days later, it would have made the embarrassment factor explode. Dear van, If i spend 50 dollars on the sensor, you had better work. Dear Alisa and Hannah, you WILL learn to sit in church with your hands in your lap, if it takes me 18 years to teach you. Dear Heather, I did tell you fettuccine Alfredo, ididididididididid. Dear Rebekah Grisel, only three more days, so far you will have been our least problem child ever….may the trend continue for the next 75 years.

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