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Leadership – The Qualifications for Leadership

January 13, 2012


A LOOK AT PASTORAL THEOLOGY Leadership (Part Two of Six) THE QUALIFICATIONS FOR LEADERSHIP What qualities does the Bible say that a leader must either possess or take all necessary measures to obtain? Well, based upon the definition I think we can see one thing must rise to the top. In order to show the […]

New Years Resolutions of JONATHAN EDWARDS

January 8, 2012


I came across these several years ago and just recently stumbled upon them once again while doing some reading a Puritan website. This is a list of what I understand to be the original twenty one resolutions, which he added to over the years ending with over sixty I believe. I encourage you to look […]

A Short Story

January 6, 2012


A short story….. I went on a run. To sum it all up, I was trying for 100 miles, I made it only 6.52 miles. So it was a horrible failure in many respects. I desperately need to pick another route if I am going to run around dinner time. At approx 0.42 miles into […]

Leadership – The Need For Leadership

January 6, 2012


A LOOK AT PASTORAL THEOLOGY Leadership (Part One of Six) THE NEED FOR LEADERSHIP Most individuals need someone to follow. They need someone to direct. They need someone to point the way and tell them what to do. Is this because the average person is inferior to leaders or lack admirable qualities? No! It is […]

The Cure for Self Pity

January 4, 2012


Psalms 73 If you are living right, if you are living like you ought to. It seems like life should be easy. We ought to be able to compare our lives to those of lost sinners and say. Yes, this is why you should follow the Lord. At times, this is just simply not the […]

January 2012

January 1, 2012


My reading assignments for the first month. Mr. Hemingway for my first ‘classic’ of the year. Mr. Plato….because I saw it in the bookstore, and while it doesn’t really fit into either of my REQUIRED categories, its is a short paperback. So I am going to attempt to add it to my list as well. […]