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Monday Letter…

February 27, 2012


Dear Alisa, the fact that you were able to stay awake from 10pm to midnight in the car is nothing short of amazing. Dear Heather, the subject you picked at eleven in Thursday night to keep me awake in conversation was just unfair, I didn’t even really realize that I was being baited until I […]

January Book Reviews

February 21, 2012


As was already pointed out by my sister Rebekah….I am somewhat behind on my reading for this year. I updated my ‘Goodreads’ account yesterday to reflect some books I finished last week. So technically I wasn’t truly all that far behind. Just a couple of weeks. Not only that, I had a fairly hectic last […]

Monday Letter….

February 20, 2012


Dear bank two sensor two oxygen sensor on my car, does a v-6 truly need four oxygen sensors anyhow? Dear Texas Inspection System, i would be much more concerned with my car if i truly felt you were concerned with the air quality, and not just another way to get into my pocket book. Dear […]

Leadership – The Response to Leadership

February 10, 2012


A LOOK AT PASTORAL THEOLOGY Leadership (Part Six of Six) THE RESPONSE TO LEADERSHIP It is a rare person indeed, which no matter the position of leadership they may occupy, does not have someone they themselves are supposed to be submitting to. The way those under a leader submit can, at times, have direct correlation, […]

Monday Letter

February 6, 2012


And yet another’s editor’s note: I told Heather last night that there wasn’t a lot of things I felt like being funny about this week. so this will be a serious letter. if you want to smile….come back next week. the following are not in order of importance, just for the record. …. Dear medical […]

Leadership – The Antagonists of Leadership

February 3, 2012


A LOOK AT PASTORAL THEOLOGY Leadership (Part Five of Six) THE ANTAGONISTS OF LEADERSHIP Most leaders down through history have had specific people who have been their antagonists. All leaders down through history have had specific attitudes that people have held that have been antagonistic. Moses had his Korah and Abiram. David had his Absolom. […]