Monday Letter

Posted on February 6, 2012


And yet another’s editor’s note: I told Heather last night that there wasn’t a lot of things I felt like being funny about this week. so this will be a serious letter. if you want to smile….come back next week. the following are not in order of importance, just for the record. ….

Dear medical technology, thank you for allowing us to have children, I realize it is the Lord ultimately, but still a hundred years ago we would likely be childless due to our “problems.” Dear blood pressure medicine creators, thank you for time and effort required to bring drugs to market that likely have given me a few more years with my wife. Dear UTMB doctors and nurses, thank you for extending your medical expertise on many occasions to send everyone in my family home safe most of the time. Dear dad, thank you for sitting in waiting room for about twenty four hours by yourself, thanks for the food, the distraction, and the conversation, a couple more kids and we will have all the world problems solved i do believe, for covering my service on Wednesday night. Dear mom, thanks for watching my girls for longer than we thought it would be, I’m glad you have grandkids close to dote over, for sending breakfast home with them, for volunteering to take care of Heathers prescriptions this morning, for never sugarcoating your opinion, for not wanting my girls to go home. Dear unknown family member that texted me, thank you for caring, i didnt recognize the number but i appreciate it all the same. Dear heather, thanks for being the mother of my children, you endure much more than most women just to have children, i respect you much for hanging in there and doing what is necassary albeit unpleasant.

a unpleasant week, made bearable by family and friends. if you havent seen Rebekah Grisel McEntire, go by my house, if you have seen her, you can still come as well.

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