Monday Letter….

Posted on February 20, 2012


Dear bank two sensor two oxygen sensor on my car, does a v-6 truly need four oxygen sensors anyhow? Dear Texas Inspection System, i would be much more concerned with my car if i truly felt you were concerned with the air quality, and not just another way to get into my pocket book. Dear Midas Auto Repair, you wanted over $1,000 dollars for what took me $170, and one afternoon, only the IRS steals money with a straighter face than you guys. Dear Houston Rockets, is your scouting department so sincerely poor that you cut Jeremy Lin in the preseason? Dear Earnest Hemingway, congratulations on writing a book that I could scarcely put down for the last hundred pages, and having an incredibly sad ending….. INCREDIBLY SAD. Dear Brazoria County Shooting Range….. there’s a neat thing called…..A DRAINAGE PLAN, does the entire county seriously drain to that small area of land, you better have not ruined my boots, if so I am holding Homer responsible. Dear Hannah, why did you get out of the car and walk straight into that mud puddle that came up to your ankles, better yet why did you have to do it on a Sunday Morning in the church parking lot….makes mama MAD. Dear heather, I love you. Dear BP engineers, I am so glad you don’t design public works projects… common sense, oh wait, have you ever seen the bridges that don’t go anywhere, you know, just go up, and then drop off, I guess BP engineers do plan public works projects. Dear Rebekah Lewis, I did a blog post, now say happy birthday.

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