January Book Reviews

Posted on February 21, 2012


As was already pointed out by my sister Rebekah….I am somewhat behind on my reading for this year. I updated my ‘Goodreads’ account yesterday to reflect some books I finished last week. So technically I wasn’t truly all that far behind. Just a couple of weeks. Not only that, I had a fairly hectic last couple of weeks.

I finished Eusebius Ecclesiastical History. I gave it two and half out of five stars. It was a long, wordy, detailed book. I learnt some things. Primarily at the beginning of the book when it was speaking of the immediate political events surrounding the time of Christ and shortly thereafter. The information given in the book allowed me to make some connections in my own mind and sort of flesh out a political back story to the time of Christ. So, if you care about local politics in the first century in the Roman province of Judea, I highly recommend the first 25% of the book. I don’t recommend any of the middle 50% of the book. In my unrefined opinion, it was just boring and talked about things that I have no interest in. Then the last 25% of the book was mildly stimulating. In that he spent much of the last of the book griping about being persecuted by the governmental authorities. Anyone who know much about the Author knows he was a Catholic. Catholics wrote the book on persecuting those with dissenting opinions. So to hear a catholic complain and grip about mistreatment seemed laughable in a strange way to me. Not to diminish the travesty that was perpetuated on countless thousands but to listen to a Catholic complain…did nothing for me as far as sympathy goes. It is not a book I would recommend to really anyone but my worst enemies….yes, I know, I know, it is hard for me to believe too, but there are people who don’t like me. It is not a gripping thriller by any stretch, on the plus side, I didn’t really go into it expecting it to be.

I also finished Earnest Hemingway’s For Whom the Bells Toll. The main reason I read that is because it seemed as an english speaking american I should be able to say I have read some of Hemingway’s literature. So let me say it….”I have read Earnest Hemingway.” 99% of my reading has spiritual edification as its purpose….so I guess I came away from the book a little bit feeling like I wasted my time, but nevertheless. It was a good interesting book overall. The simplistic plot, in a nutshell, is that this american was going to blow up a bridge in the spanish civil war, or revolution, or something like that in the early nineteen hundreds….I think, see, it didn’t really stick with me. With the exception of a stretch in the middle where I thought, “JUST BLOW THE STUPID BRIDGE ALREADY” What i mean is I feel as though the story lagged for a while. By the time the ‘action’ started at the end I couldn’t hardly put it down. And there was a very surprising plot twist and the end that I did not see coming. If you are bored and having nothing worthwhile to read, I would recommend it.

So, there, that’s my ‘book reviews’ if you think they were lame….sorry. I did them out of the goodness of my heart. I never liked to do book reports in school, and I’m not being graded, nor  did I have to say anything….so just like it.

Have you read either of these books? If so, what did you think?

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