Monday Letter…

Posted on February 27, 2012


Dear Alisa, the fact that you were able to stay awake from 10pm to midnight in the car is nothing short of amazing. Dear Heather, the subject you picked at eleven in Thursday night to keep me awake in conversation was just unfair, I didn’t even really realize that I was being baited until I was too upset to stop. Dear sports talk, quit criticizing Lebron James, he is one of the best players to ever take the court. Dear unknown person that stole my H2S monitor at work, a curse on your pate. Dear Homer, you had better keep a close eye on your monitor, because I am short one. Dear Craigslist, is it a requirement to lose your vehicle title if the vehicle is more than ten years old? Dear Rebekah, you work on “Thanksgiving” I will work “mary had a little lamb.” Dear Jeremy, thanks for convincing my girls the only way to  be picked up is by walking up the front of my outfit, the dry cleaning bill is in the mail. Dear BP, next time how about we stagger the fish fry and the barbeque on different days so we don’t have to choose which lunch tent to go to. Dear BP security, don’t just tell us there is a rescue going on at CAT3, tell us exactly what happened, don’t just leave us hanging like that. Dear temple, I am pretty sure it takes longer to get there than it does to get home. Dear oncoming black Dodge truck, when there is not a car behind us as FAR AS THE EYE CAN SEE, there is no reason to turn out right in front of us to take that left, wait a cotton picking second…besides you almost made me spill my monster.

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