Nothing to lose?

Posted on March 2, 2012


Serving 18 consecutive 15-to-life sentences.

Serving a 99-to-life term.

Serving 50 year sentence.

Serving 50 year sentence.

Serving 50 year sentence.

Serving a 99-year sentence.

Serving a 30-year sentence for injury to a child.

That is a list of men who have nothing to lose.

That was a list of the prison sentences being served by what became known as ‘the Texas Seven’

22, 23, 37, 39, 38, 30, 38 Those were their ages at the time of their escape. Relatively young men whose life had no value.

And no, I’m not going to give you their names….they aren’t worth it.

Aggravated robbery and kidnapping, 85 armed robberies, for robbery and rape, raped 3 women, hired a hit-man to kill his wife, stabbing and killing a friend in a drunken rage, savagely beating a friend’s baby.

Those were their crimes.

Not to turn this into a theological debate, but the criminal justice system God set up for the nation of Israel involved restitution and execution. None of this 15 to life. No men locked up, with nothing but prison, and therefore nothing to lose.

Three of these men are dead. One killed himself instead of being taken alive by a Colorado SWAT team. One was executed in August of 2008. One of them was executed this last Wednesday. The other five are now sitting on death row in West Livingston, Texas.

This is officer Aubrey Hawkins. Patrol officer in Irving, Texas. He got in their way. They were robbing an Oshman’s Sporting Goods Store. He was the first officer on the scene. He was ambushed when he arrived. He was shot eleven times, six times after he was drug out of his car by the ringleader. And then they ran over him. He died shortly after getting to the Hospital. He had been an officer for Irving, Tx for fourteen months, previously having served with Kaufman, Tx PD, and Tarrant County Hospital Police. He left a wife and son.

Trooper Jason Lee Manspeaker | Colorado State Patrol, Colorado

This is officer Jason Lee Manspeaker. Colorado State Patrol. Killed in a vehicle accident while responding to a report that a van being used by the group had been sighted. He had been an officer for 18 months. He left a wife.


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