Monday Letter

Posted on March 5, 2012


dear car, the agreement was to fail catastrophically in the drive way. I no longer trust you. dear restaurants, I do not like being automatically charged  outrageous tips…I will say something everytime. dear Ernest Hemingway, I don’t even understand the point of this book – BORING. dear Homer, your scope is too far back on your rifle. dear brand new weedeater, why did you take 1,345 pulls to start? this is NOT the start of a long and prosperous relationship I don’t think. dear Carmen calvillo, you take your code enforcement job WAAAAAY too seriously. dear Starbucks, French roast? it was so smokey it could have been BBQ ribs. dear heather, I enjoyed getting up with you early every morning this weekend. dear alisa, I wish you would not get up early on the weekends. dear uncle Jeremy, im going to laugh at you when you hurt yourself. dear “Mike” thanks for the water and the help yesterday….you convinced me that you used to be a mechanic.

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