Monday Letter…..

Posted on March 12, 2012


Dear Concrete pump truck operator. If you hit me with the boom, you had better hit me good and hard. Because when I get up, I am going to be royally ticked off. Dear BP maintenance supervisor that spoke at our safety meeting today. Was your little speech on ‘continuing flexibility’ really just code word for ‘everyone is getting laid off?’ Dear State of Texas. How can you require me to have a Concealed Handgun License when the Constitution of the United States clearly says I have a right to ‘keep and BEAR’ arms. Dear Concealed Handgun License instructor. Fewer illustrations and more clear explanations of the law. Please. Dear .40 caliber taurus handgun. How do I love thee, let me count the ways. Dear March. You are already 80F and high humidity, COME ON SUMMER. Do your worst, I am ready. Dear people moving in across the street. Please do massive improvements to the house so as to raise the value of my property. Dear Mitt Romney. Arby’s IS NOT BAR-B-QUE!!! Are you seriously trying to get southern votes by ‘quips’ like that? Dear Alisa. Don’t tell me you are ‘tired’ after 30 seconds of working on the memory verse, if you truly are, I believe you will find life on the whole exceedingly tiring. Dear Recent Homiletical Thought. I didn’t know you were a bibliography, not gonna be real fun to read. Dear ammunition website. What do you mean you will only sell that to Law Enforcement only? Dear Heather. No more enchiladas, cannot. maintain. self. control.

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