Monday Letter…..

Posted on April 2, 2012


Dear TDECU, after locking your system up while I am out of town saying “sorry for the inconvenience” seems a might trite. Dear Chrysler 300, thank so so much for not breaking down on me. You have no idea how much I appreciate it. Dear car AC specifically, thank you for blowing cold air. Dear Rebekah Lewis, go ahead and mess with my Facebook account. Just remember, the curse causeless does not come. Dear Heather, I like taking mini-vacations with you more than just about anything. Dear Uncle Jason, thanks for letting me shoot a whole bunch of your ammo. Shooting guns is just so much more fun when it doesn’t cost you anything personally. Dear Susannah, don’t hate me forever for not pulling you all the way to the park. It wasn’t just real easy. Dear Jeremy Lewis, sorry about breaking your bike. In my defense, the bike is older than you. Dear daughters, thank you so much for not breaking anything while we were at the Fosters. Dear 75mph speed limit, Oh how I love thee. Turns out you drive fast enough (legally folks, legally) and my car is just going to vibrate….case closed.

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