Monday Letter….

Posted on April 30, 2012


Dear Houston Chronicle, I am not giving you another red cent. So quit throwing papers, we have been over and over this. I am tired of calling. Dear brisket, thank you for embarrassing me, making me question the purpose of life, and just overall ruining my weekend. Dear BP, the only good thing about all the upheaval at work is that if something happens that I don’t like, the odds of it being completed reversed within the next 15 minutes are very high. Dear wheel on car, I have curbed you and hit potholes this weekend. What is the deal, I’m driving like my wife. Dear Rebekah Lewis, if you keep pointing out that I’m not posting on my blog, I will just start copying and pasting recipes like someone else I know. Dear Daniel, I am better than you at Huggermuggers. Don’t forget that when I need you to revive me in MW3. Dear Klarisa, I am never playing Huggermuggersegeruss with you again. You obviously sit around and memorize all the cards. Dear Alisa and Hannah, keep on acting up in church….what goes around comes around. Dear Heather, MOVE MY SPRINKLER BACK TO THE FRONT YARD.

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