You might as well.

Posted on May 16, 2012


The problem with most “Christians” is that they are No different than the world. In a practical, everyday life sort of way. What kind of hope can one have to make a difference for God in a lost world, when one is No different than the world.

Christians spend their entire lives discounting clear directives from Scripture. If it’s in the old testament….we have No obligation to follow it (tattoos, women wearing pants) If it’s in the new testament, it was written to a different culture (men having long hair, not going to the movie house).

If either of those two fail, one can always fall back on, “every man must give account of himself” or “that’s just a personal preference” or “that’s just your interpretation”

As a result, most Christians dont do anything
….because the only part of the Bible that applies is. “Jesus loves us, and wants us to be free”

That is illogical on the face of it.

I’ve got an idea. Just write down john 3:16 and john 14:1,2 somewhere and then throw away the rest of your Bible. Oh, and maybe keep Romans 14, So you can always prove nothing matters.  I mean you might as well. You already done this in principle, you might as well follow through in practice.

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