Monday Letter

Posted on May 21, 2012


Dear Allied Foundation, what do you mean “the building is to heavy?” Did you not think that it would be heavy when you bid on the job? Dear church ac’s, next time before all three of you decide to quit simultaneously, please tell me. So that way I don’t wear a jacket and tie to church. Dear coke rewards, it only took you over two months to send my ‘free’ t-shirt. But congratulations, I lost all interest in entering my coke codes for free stuff, unless I want to wear it to my funeral, I doubt it will be here on time. Dear Zachry Construction, I find it humorous that on occasion you will tell us in a safety meeting to ‘eat right, eat healthy and eat good’ ….and then when you have a meal for us to celebrate some inane thing, you do fried shrimp and catfish. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining…just point out the possible hypocrisy. Dear Caleb, you hate mowing the yard, this whole genius idea to fertilize the yard….I forget the point. Dear David Wells, there is a fine line between being detailed and informative, and just writing a book on a 15th grade level. I need me some calvin and hobbes. Dear Rebekah Lewis, now are you happy?

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