Was your monday truly that bad?

Posted on May 21, 2012


This is not meant to be a critique per se of people’s social networking interaction. Just want to give something to think about.

People seem to hate Monday’s, and for the life of me, I don’t know why. For me personally there are no bad days in the week. On Monday, it’s the first day of the work week,  I’ve had three days off….I am generally ready to go. Tuesdays? It’s only second day of the week. Wednesdays? Second to the last day of the work week. And then Thursdays….the last day, typically, of the work week for me. And then the next three days I’m off, it’s the weekend….not a lot to complain about there.

I hate it when I can’t keep my mouth shut. I typically succeed fairly well. Don’t ask my wife, her opinion doesn’t count. I tell her pretty much everything I am thinking about everything. Like two weeks ago I opened my mouth and was stupid. I told Homer that I hated my job. #1 It’s not really true. #2 It was spoken in a moment of frustration, of which I can have many, I just normally don’t say anything. It had been a slow week at work….really, r  e  a  l  l  y    s  l  o w. It seemed like the week from a Catholic purgatory. So I said something stupid. I’ve felt bad about it, ever since I said it.

Anyhow, back on subject

What did you do on your monday that was so bad? Did you wake up hung over from the weekend? If so, that’s not monday’s fault….that’s your own sin problem. What did you do at work that was so horrible? Let me give you a scenario.

Picture a hole in the ground. About 14ft deep. about 30ft long and about 15ft wide. In the bottom of this hole is several inches of sludge. This sludge smells like a combination of diesel, kerosene, butane. You are wearing coveralls that cover pretty much every square inch of your body. You have rubber boots on that come up to your knees. You are wearing a respirator that makes it incredibly hard to breathe (that way you won’t get cancer from something in the hole). you are wearing glasses that stay either fogged up or smeared with sweat. because did i mention it is at least 95F and about 85% humidity…direct sunlight. now….put on a safety harness, that way in case you collapse you can be drug out of the hole. do you have pretty good mental picture? good!! now get a shovel, and hand excavate about 8 inches….

So i ask you again….was your monday truly that bad?

I didn’t make that up….I could take you to the hole….

What do you have to complain about?

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