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Do I Have To Tithe PART 2

September 17, 2012


I got a fairly extensive comment. I gave a fairly extensive reply. So I am giving it another blog post. Am not so sure about your defence of tithing in the New Testament as you seem to rely more on logic than actual scripture to prove your point. And just as Don pointed out, your […]

Why can’t people understand scripture? Do I have to tithe?

September 15, 2012


Had a discussion with a friend earlier this week about, ‘speaking in tongues.’ I, of course, do not believe that one ought to. Because the bible, I believe, is very clear about it. My friend asked, rhetorically I suppose, why can’t people see the clear teaching in scripture regarding tongues. I replied, that the same […]

Week 2 NFL Power Rankings

September 14, 2012


I didn’t do this in week one. I am mainly doing it just to mess with Homer I suppose. He doesn’t agree with some of my awesome football opinions. 1. San Francisco 49ers – They beat the team I would have had at #1 last week. And looked very good doing it. So grudgingly I […]