About the Author

Who am I….????

I am a Redeemed Sinner who has been called to preach….

I am a Christian….

I am a Baptist, not by birth, not by decree, but by choice

I am a Husband

I am a Father

I am a Construction Worker

What you find here will be a conglomeration of all these aspects of my life.

I am a member of Faith Baptist Church in Freeport, Texas. I love my church. I am young, very young, and yet everything I have done worthwhile has been done for my church. I have the privilege to preach every Wednesday Night at my church. It is an opportunity that I never grow tired of and one that I am thankful for the ability to minister to God’s people on a weekly basis. I am the song leader at my church…or as my Father in Law would likely call me…the “page announcer.” I don’t believe I have been given this position because I am the most talented, more likely than not, it was given to me, because there was no one else to do it. I like to lead the singing, i have been doing so for over twelve years. I teach the little boys Sunday School Class. I like teaching kids. You can tell kids things they have never heard anywhere else. It is fun to see the light come on in their heads at times. It is not fun to have them not be able to tell their parents what we talked about 10 minutes after Sunday School. I am the church clerk….again, probably no one else to do it……I wish I was more organized.

I am a Baptist. Yes the Independent Fundamental Baptist kind of Baptist. I am by conviction. Not because i was ‘raised, born or told to be’ but because I have seen the light for myself. I spent six years in preachers training. I am Baptist, because Baptists are right. I have forgotten more about Baptist Doctrine than perhaps most. I do not make that statement arrogantly, but thankfully, mindful of the fact that I have had access to much truth.

I am a Husband and a Father. My wife since 2005 is my best friend. I read that marriage is not finding someone you can live with, but rather, finding someone that you cannot live without. I found her…..What’s not to like about two little girls that act like they love you all the time no matter what…I know, I know, they don’t know me that well, but until they do, its nice.

Lastly, I am a blue-collar construction worker. Specifically, I do surveying for Zachry Construction in the British Petroleum Refinery in Texas City, Texas. I like my job, I make a lot of money…to me…and thats really all that matters (also compared to anything else I have done). I work with…no, I work FOR my best friend, who is also a church member. My job is easy, my job pays good. They will have to fire me or lay me off.

You will find on this blog content relating to all of the above. Read, think, comment…..comment….and leave your name, don’t be ashamed of your opinion, and I won’t be ashamed of mine.

4 Responses “About the Author” →

  1. rebekahdawn

    August 13, 2011

    You forgot to mention your wonderful sister-in-laws…. 🙂

  2. p.s. ….and my wonderful sister-in-laws


  3. Sara Gordon

    August 15, 2011

    I knew you well as a boy and liked you! I’m liking to get to know the man that you are!

  4. ………and now the song leader and piano player can come and play a hymn of invitation…..


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