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Don’t Be So Quick….

August 17, 2012


Let me tell you a story. It will be a short story (probably), but it will be a good story. I know this, because I am going to be the one to write it. So without further ado….. When preaching/teaching or otherwise communicating principle to people there is value to the following steps. 1. Tell […]

Slouching towards your Gilboa, Part One

March 16, 2012


Slouching Towards Your Gilboa Part One of Eight I Samuel 31:1-7 We have the sad story of Saul contained in the book of I Samuel. Depending upon your level and amount of bible reading the entire story of Saul may not be one that you would read in just one sitting, considering that itĀ encompassesĀ about twenty […]

Do you love Jesus?

March 9, 2012


This video went viral probably about three or four months ago. If you have a Facebook account I doubt you missed it. In fact, if you are anything like me, it’s likely you saw it ad nauseum. I rarely watch videos on Facebook. In fact, the more times it pops up, the less likely I […]

Leadership – The Response to Leadership

February 10, 2012


A LOOK AT PASTORAL THEOLOGY Leadership (Part Six of Six) THE RESPONSE TO LEADERSHIP It is a rare person indeed, which no matter the position of leadership they may occupy, does not have someone they themselves are supposed to be submitting to. The way those under a leader submit can, at times, have direct correlation, […]

Leadership – The Antagonists of Leadership

February 3, 2012


A LOOK AT PASTORAL THEOLOGY Leadership (Part Five of Six) THE ANTAGONISTS OF LEADERSHIP Most leaders down through history have had specific people who have been their antagonists. All leaders down through history have had specific attitudes that people have held that have been antagonistic. Moses had his Korah and Abiram. David had his Absolom. […]

Leadership – The Perils of Leadership

January 27, 2012


A LOOK AT PASTORAL THEOLOGY Leadership (Part Four of Six) THE PERILS OF LEADERSHIP As with most areas of responsibility there are dangers, associated with being in a place of leadership. There are pitfalls that must be avoided and areas to be aware of. Because fallen men are leaders, and they lead fallen men, the […]

Leadership – The Institution of Leadership

January 20, 2012


A LOOK AT PASTORAL THEOLOGY Leadership (Part Three of Six) THE INSTITUTION OF LEADERSHIP In every situation in the Bible where we find people having to deal with people, God sets up a hierarchy so that some may be leaders, and others may follow the leaders. The first example we find is in Genesis when […]