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A Short Story

January 6, 2012


A short story….. I went on a run. To sum it all up, I was trying for 100 miles, I made it only 6.52 miles. So it was a horrible failure in many respects. I desperately need to pick another route if I am going to run around dinner time. At approx 0.42 miles into […]

Week Four, Twenty-Six Point Two Whole, Entire Miles

August 29, 2011


Good news and bad news….. Good news, I ran Thursday Morning before I went on Vacation, and I ran Friday Evening while on vacation. Bad news??? I was over a mile short on my mileage goal for the week….. I needed 9.25 miles and I only got 8.20 miles in. It was the Friday night […]

the push to 26.2 miles….week three

August 23, 2011


My goal…8.75 miles total, the actual 9.21 I spent one hour and forty-seven mins and thirty-one seconds onĀ  the road. I averaged 11:37 seconds per mile. A little slower than last week, and I’m not going to lie, I am VERY goal oriented, not thrilled about that, but it is still early yet in the […]

The buildup to 26.2 miles…week 2

August 15, 2011


My goal this week was to run 8 miles….I did. I have a schedule made out for just over a year…so technically I am about 4% done as far as time goes. I have to run a total of 1,013 miles in the next year….i have ran 16.5. On a positive note. I now have […]

The build up to 26.2 miles

August 8, 2011


My goal this week was to run 8.00 miles…. The actual 8.33 miles….no sense in overdoing it so soon. I spent one hour and forty-two minutes running. (helped by the fact cable tv is shut off) That is a disgusting average of just over twelve minutes per mile…so much effort for very blase number. 1,089 […]