Comment Policy

If you want to say something….

There is really only two rules.

Rule #1 – Leave your name.
Rule #2 – Obey rule number one

To faciliate that….you can log in with twitter, facebook, or a wordpress account. Do it.

If you will put your name….i will leave your comment (barring the obscene) if you will not leave you’re name….i will delete your comment.

I mean, everybody deserves credit for what they think….right???

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  1. Right!!!!

    Caleb you have honored me more than I can say for just adding my name to your list. For I know that you would not put it there lightly.

    You know that I lost my blog that I had for probably ten years but I did not let it stop me from sharing my heart and thoughts with others and below is my new blog address. I noticed that the link you have is to the old one. So, this is the new one, if you want it. love you Caleb and I am so proud of you and for all for which you stand. Grandma Mc.


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