Week 2 NFL Power Rankings

Posted on September 14, 2012


I didn’t do this in week one. I am mainly doing it just to mess with Homer I suppose. He doesn’t agree with some of my awesome football opinions.

1. San Francisco 49ers – They beat the team I would have had at #1 last week. And looked very good doing it. So grudgingly I feel I must put them up here.
2. Baltimore Ravens – I knew they were good…but dropping 44 points on what is supposed to be a decent Bengal team gets them the nod for #2
3. Houston Texans – Top to bottom, both sides of the ball, I don’t think anyone hardly has a more talented roster. Looked shaky in quarter 1 but got it together.
4. New England Patriots – Over a decade of Excellence and Domination, coupled with a beating of the Titans. They will be in the top five unless they leave me no choice.
5. Green Bay Packers – I didn’t do this last week. But they would have been #1. There is something called ‘defense’… they had better learn to play it.
6. Dallas Cowboys – Beating reigning Super Bowl Champs…yes, thank you
7. Pittsburgh Steelers – Lost on the road to a much improved Bronco’s team.
8. Philadelphia Eagles – Would have started higher. Barely beat a horrible Browns team? Four interceptions? The slide down could have begun.
9. Chicago Bears – High powered offense. Nasty defense. Dropped 41 on the lowly Colts. On the rise possibly?
10. New York Giants – First time since 1999 for reigning champs to lose their next game…
11. Denver Broncos – It is amazing the bump in the polls a certain Manning brother can give a team
12. Detroit Lions – They were SO bad for SO long. They have a lot of high draft picks on their roster. Playoffs this year again?
13. Carolina Panthers – Going against what seems to be the common consensus on this team…I like Cam Newton.
14. New York Jets – Didn’t score an offensive touchdown until the fourth preseason game…and then it was their backups. Where did 48 points come from?
15. Atlanta Falcons – 40 points on the road…impressive
16. Washington Redskins – Best first start for rookie QB ever?
17. New Orleans Saints – No head coach. No replacement head coach. Using your Offensive Line coach? It’s gonna be a long season.
18. Tennessee Titans – Don’t take it to hard. Most teams lose to the Patriots.
19. Cincinnati Bengals – What happened to the hype of Green and Dalton.
20. Saint Louis Rams – A close loss. On the road. To a good team. A decent week? It’s amazing what many years of being horrible will do for your perspective.
21. San Diego Chargers – For having an elite QB for all these years…they are a disappointment.
22. Oakland Raiders – Finishing third in your division every year is not a good thing
23. Arizona Cardinals – It’s rough when your starting QB gets hurt in game one. It is even rougher when your starting QB is John Skelton
24. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Winning home division games is what you are supposed to do…don’t get so excited.
25. Buffalo Bills – Talk about futility. They knew defense was an issue, they upgraded over the off-season. And STILL give up 48 points. Good thing they upgraded.
26. Minnesota Vikings – Adrian Peterson…the only reason they aren’t #32
27. Kansas City Chiefs – Lose by 16 at home? Their namesakes would be embarrassed.
28. Seattle Seahawks – Even with a fourth time out granted by replacement officials with the ball on the 4yd line and they still couldn’t win.
29. Indianapolis Colts – The supposedly best rookie QB ever can’t do it all by himself.
30. Cleveland Browns – Weeden is better than Colt McCoy?
31. Jacksonville Jaguars – They lost to the #26 team….enough said?
32. Miami Dolphins – If the Texans wouldn’t have taken 1 1/2 quarters to get their act together they would have lost by more than 20 points.

What’s your favorite team? What do you think about where I put them?

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