I Love My Bible

Posted on December 4, 2012


I love my Bible. If you can see the cover page I have been using it for going on twelve years. I like this bible for many reasons. First because it is KJV. Now I am fully aware of the fact this doesn’t mean much to most people anymore, but it means a lot to me. When I see in the front of it the verbose introduction written by the translators to the King of England. I can not help but think about everything it took to produce a bible in the English language. After having looked at the history of the word of God, I am convinced that Satan was very opposed to the translation of God’s word into what has become a very common tongue in the world. I am thankful that I have a 100% sure that I have the complete, inerrant, infallible Word of God.

I have had a Bible for as long as I can remember. This Bible I have had for longer than I have ever had another Bible. I ought to….I paid 85$ for it twelve years ago, which would be $111 dollars if I bought it today.

I had this Bible when I was called to preach. I preached my first message as a ‘preacher’ from it. I actually wish I could remember what the first message I preached after I surrendered to the call was. I remember the first time I ever spoke….but there were a lot of times between the two. I carried this bible with me for 6 years during preachers training. I took it with me every Saturday morning. Every Sunday afternoon. I was carrying it the Sunday when the church recognized my completion of formal studies a couple of years ago. I’ve preached out of it literally hundreds of times at my church. I’ve preached out of it in Alaska, and Kansas…..When I pick my Bible up I pick up already years of preaching out of it.

I like this bible. It doesn’t have the words of Christ in red. I don’t need the word’s in red to know when Christ is speaking. I have never understood why this attribute became so popular. I have had this bible so long I just know where stuff is at. Even verses that I don’t have memorized I know that it is on the left hand page, on the right hand column…about half way down the page. If I changed bibles…I would have to completely learn all that again…I don’t want to. I was able to find a bible just like mine….well close. Different kind of leather cover, WORDS OF CHRIST IN RED. But other than that….exactly the same. I found it at a used book store in Houston many years ago. I got it really cheap. It sat on my bookshelf for a long time…I’ve recently started using it some….my favorite bible is just wore out.

The cover just looks solid black. And I suppose it is now. When I bought it, it had HOLY BIBLE written on the cover. And all that stuff written on the binding that Bibles had….it’s all long gone now. Just the faintest outline of the Cambridge symbol on the very bottom. If you lift it to your nose it still has the faintest smell of leather. New bibles (expensive bibles) smell so good. Kind of like a new car smell, only better. I would like a new bible smell….but I would miss my old bible.

I’ve knocked hundreds and hundreds of doors with this bible in my hand. Shared the gospel many times. One time I and another man knocked on the door of what are now my best friends. My bible was with me that day when I met my best friends….that was a good day. I have taken my bible on several visits….some not so good, some really bad. But my bible was there every time. When I pick my bible up…I pick up all those memories.

I had this bible before I got married. I actually had it before I really even met my wife. This bible went with me to get married. My wife’s name is in the front of it with mine. It would be like getting rid of an old friend it seems to replace my bible now. This bible has gone with me to the hospital many times with my wife and girls. It has spent weeks in the hospital with me. I have opened it more than once in the hospital while I was having a bad day. This Bible was present in the room at all of my girls births. It was present for the ones we lost in hospital as well. Their names…some of their names are written in the front. Some weren’t around long enough to have a name…at least for me. Maybe they have a name in heaven….maybe not, can’t really say for sure. But when I pick my bible up…I pick up the memories of the births of our three little girls.

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